Stourbridge Thursday evening/Night Ride?

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On my way back from the station, saw a group of riders heading into the Plough and Harrow Pub in stourbridge after a ride, didn't have time to go in and quiz them.
Does anyone know anythign about that ride/group?
where they leave from?
contact for any of the riders?
bit of a long shot, Cheers Alex


  • Hi Alex,

    I have seen a group of riders once before on a night ride heading through Mary Stevens park. Like yourself i wasn't in the position to be able to ask for some info.

    I have been looking for a group to ride with but it is proving quite difficult for round Stourbridge area. There is a group of riders that do the Wyre Forest regularly. Don't know if you would be interested in looking that up. Sorry i couldn't help further.

  • Bottster
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    Hi Guys,

    No idea if its the same people but i think Stourbridge Cycle club do an evening ride on a Wednesday night and a saturday morning ride also, you can look up and check out the website for some info i think. I was looking at joining them but work commitments mean i don't get every weekend off now. I think they go from Bonded Warehouse on Canal St.

    I ride a little in Stourbridge (canal paths and backroads in Kinver 15 mile loop) but do try and head to the Wyre when i can and Cannock Chase when i get a weekday off, usually a wednesday but always better to ride with others.

    Hope this helps,