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Child friendly bike build (Islabike) Has anyone built one?

russdcyclerussdcycle Posts: 93
i have twin girls just coming up to 10 years old. i love the idea of a couple of 24" islabikes but having difficulty in justifying the cost. i notice they are 7 spd sram gears and 150mm crank arms. it has got me thinking, small mtb frame off ebay and kit out with new parts and hope it will be as good as islabike.
Has anyone built a similar bike?


  • wolvesdugwolvesdug Posts: 25
    I am in the process now.

    I managed to get 3 ridgeback MX 24 of ebay as a job lot.

    I have had the frame repainted put some sram X4 (spare i had) and 3.0 components on (CRC £9.99).
    I have used the original wheels and crank all new bearings and cables all round and brought a lighter handle bar of ebay (£4 fleabay).
    I have also used Avid brake levers (£5 2nd hand).

    I am awaiting the grip shifts (Sram) then it will all be done.

    It has got suspension forks but these will be ditched for rigid.

    Not cost a lot to do as i had some bits kicking about.
  • moniemonie Posts: 17
    I am not sure how tall your girls are, but my 10 year old ( he is about 136 ish tall) has nearly outgrown his hot rock a1 fs (24" wheels and 13.5 inch frame). My 8 year old won't have long left on his hot rock a1 fsr (24" wheels and 12" frame).

    Maybe wait a little and build a small 26" wheeled bike? Or build with a 26 frameand start with 24 wheels, ok as long as you run discs.

  • UnderscoreUnderscore Posts: 730
    I've just bought a new bike for my 10 year old daughter (11 in September) and went for a 26" wheeled bike. Ideally I would have gone for the smallest size (a 12" frame) but those had sold out so I went for the 14" (at £150 for a new 2009-model bike that was £350 back in 2009, I figured I'd get it and wait for her to grow into it if necessary!) and it's a touch large for her but she's still more than happy riding it. The 12" frame would have been spot on.

  • garzargarzar Posts: 11
    I bought my son a 13" Giant Revel (26" wheels) last year when he was 8. He just about fitted it then and now a year on the fit is spot on . I reckon we'll get another two years with layback seatpost or longer stem when required. I think I paid about £250.
  • russdcyclerussdcycle Posts: 93
    Thanks for feedback up to yet however everyone seems to go with triple chainset unlike islabikes with single 8 spd. i want them to be light also.
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