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ibert Safe-T-Seat

allezoopsallezoops Posts: 33
Hi there,

has anyone got one of the above front mounted child seats on a bike with drop bars? I know it may seem like the same old question but this seat is mounted on the stem itself rather than the frame so it moves with the handlebars eliminating the usual issue for front mounted seats and drop bars.

the seat can be seen here


2010 Allez Comp & 2011 Langster complete with child seat

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  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    I have a BoBike mini. So, same concept, but different mount (no nasty spike pointing at you, and a little more seat height).

    I don't think I'd mount it on my bike with drops. You still need to reach around the kid - which would get hairy at times when cornering. I had it on a flat bar, which I changed to something with more height, and less reach (sourced from the roadside) ;)

    (Responding in good faith, hoping it wasn't just to spam). :roll:
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  • allezoopsallezoops Posts: 33
    Hi Baudman,

    thanks for your response, I didn't realise there would be a big spike pointing at me, haven't seen one other than on the internet.

    I don't really have the money to buy another bike with flat or swept bars so need something that will work on my 2010 Specialized Allez Comp, it will primarily be used when dropping my wee boy off at nursery.

    I'd be happy with a rear mounted seat, it seems like it would be simpler and probably best for my situation but i tend to go to work with a large backpack and worry my son's face would be in the way...


    p.s. is there really so much spam on this forum, everyone seems ultra edgy about it :shock:
    2010 Allez Comp & 2011 Langster complete with child seat

    Sponsor me please
  • baudmanbaudman Posts: 757
    Yeah - backpack and rear can get pretty tight at times. Have you investigated panniers? There's some kid's seats (but plenty won't) where you can also mount panniers.

    However, I'd get friendly with an LBS and see if you can try it with your bike. It's the only way to be sure.
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  • mrolimroli Posts: 3,622
    Allezoops - I've used one and it worked ok with drops, but I do think it is more suited to a hybrid type bike than a drop barred bike - mostly because riding with it empty would feel a little odd I think. It is quite bulky on the top frame and would feel more so "hunched" over. It is really nice to ride with your kid in it, but would be less so without it.

    I think as Baudman suggested, if you can get a pannier rack on the back of your bike, i'd look at a child seat that goes on top of a pannier rack and a backpack that converts into a pannier bag.

    Otherwise, I think that a backpack would probably be alright if you were on the bars - it could well be far more vertical than horizontally in your son's face.
  • hi there

    I have this exact seat, on a stumpy fsr at the mo. I had to ride it today with just the spike, no seat or toddler, and would not want to do it for long, or on anything even remotely off road.

    Great seat, really nice sense of safety and weight distribution in between your arms, but i wouldn't fancy it with drop bars. Maybe change the bars and keep the bike?

    I don't think you'll regret the seat though, just make sure there is clearance for little ones legs.
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