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Riding in 'the Alps, Chamonix

afield23afield23 Posts: 19
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I'm off to Chamonix in September on my full sus trail/all mountain spec bike - what kinda gear should I take with regards to clothing, and also what tyres would be best suited for Alpine riding ? Any extra advice/recommendations appreciated!
Don't do 6ft drops on a carbon full suss trail bike, it doesn't work. Ask my fractured Great Trochanter, he will tell you.


  • fielonatorfielonator Posts: 100
    Are you riding trails or bike park stuff? I did a mixture of both recently in the alps near Les Getz and had an incredible time. We had a van to take us up the big hills but still did a bit of climbing.

    I rode a short travel full susser with smallish discs, wore knee and elbow pads and an xc helmet, and had no problems apart from feeling a little underdressed in the bike park.

    Clothing wise I wore my usual gear - board shorts and tech t-shirt. I took a waterproof jacket but didn't wear it as we had good weather all weekend. The only extra thing was a 661 subgear top I got for the occasion, and wore it every day.

    I put bigger volume tyres on, still only 2.3's though as any bigger wouldn't have fit.

    When I go again I 'll make sure I've got bigger discs as mine were glowing during some of the decents.

    I hope some of that's helpful. It's an incredible place to ride, terrifying at times, you'll have a blast.
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