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I've a carbon disc wheel and without going into huge detail, the thing suffered terminal damage around the hub. Total disaster - especially as at the time I was looking to sell the bike it was a part of.

Emailed the man at FFWD in Holland (with pics), who said he'd need to actually see the wheel to really know what/how/etc. I was pretty down at this point and was almost ready to predict the outcome. Anyway - wheel was packaged up and sent away. (this was last week). Without specifics, it wouldn't have been major amazement that the company say "abuse / abnormal use / piss off". Not that this would be justified - its just that I've come to expect that sort of thing.

I've been away for a couple of days and got back this evening. Low and behold, note from the postie..... and in my shed - brand spanking boxed carbon disc wheel.

FANTASTIC! Totally shell shocked. AMAZING! What a company. No protracted arguments, making me jump through hoops - or casting me adrift altogether.

A fine bunch of guys and clearly 'old school' when it comes to customer service.

Can't thank them or recommend them enough.


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    I've dealt with them before and have to agree that they are top notch. Small-ish company that is getting bigger each year and now have some ProTour exposure. Recommend them as an alternative to the more obvious names.