Dawes Mono Anyone?

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Any feedback from owners would be appreciated on this one as I would like to buy. I am having trouble finding any dealer stock to look at, does seem a problem with dawes.


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    You want one, it's got Reynolds tubing and Dawes reputation - you can't go too wrong with that!
    The carbon forks would put me off though.
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    Stanley222 wrote:
    Buy one of these for half the amount instead :wink:

    http://www.edinburghbicycle.com/ebwPNLq ... 155c018341

    Looks nice but I don't see the logic of having rack mounts without mudguard eyes and if the eyes are there the only reason to use Raceblades is to make it easier to get the rear wheel out (for which reason I prefer forward opening fork-ends on a road fixie). I also don't see a particular advantage in 1/8" chain on a road bike; never had a problem with 3/32"!
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    They say it takes Raceblades which is usually the case when there are no mudguard eyes, otherwise one would expect to fit conventional mudguards (and there are practically no bikes towhich you can't fit Raceblades). But racks usually require an eye at the fork-end. Hence my observation. I suspect that the reality is it will also take proper guards (SKS Chromoplastic for example) but as always with rear-facing fork-ends, getting the rear wheel out will be a pain (with Raceblades you can simply take the guard off if you use the rubberband fixings). This will be a problem encountered on a lot of purpose fixie frames. I use a Gitane raceframe from the late 80's that has horizontal ends so the guard can stay in place (but still a Raceblade because I don't have eyes on the fork-ends).
    The Revolution looks to be ok and has had good reports from users. It is cheaper than the Pearson which I guess would be similar in performance and use. The Fuji is a similar price but the geometry is a bit more track orientated I think, unsuited to racks.
  • No idea where you live. However, the bike shop near Crossgates in Leeds had one in stock a week or so back when I was in there.

    Have a look here under Dawes:


    It still appears to be available.
  • Just noticed, the frame sizing increments are positively huge compared to most manufacturers.


    Nothing else!
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    Heavy, very heavy.
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    grim3ur wrote:
    Heavy, very heavy.

    Compared to the Langster, yes it is heavy. Compared to the Fuji it is just slightly heavier. The weight is reasonable for the price and unlikely to interfere with the intended use.
    I note an aluminium frame but a steel "aero" fork. I would suggest that the extra weight is probably in those wide steel aero fork blades (although if they used a mtb gauge aluminium tube set there is probably getting on for 1kg of surplus there as well).
    The frame sizes are probably acceptable for the intended clientele - S, M, L . Probably little doubt about the right size to choose which is an advantage for seller (and inexperienced buyer!) Having more sizes puts the price up for little or no gain, given the intended use.
    I can remember a time when bottom-end bikes came in two sizes, 21.5" or 23.5"; smaller and you had 26" wheels instead of 27", larger and you had a whopping great steel seat pillar stuck up over the bike.
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    Sorry I was looking at the Revolution sizes 52, 55, 58 which makes a lot more sense than the Dawes sizing (which is very big leaps, I agree).
    I wouldn't be very happy with the Dawes gearing, its a bit high if that is the only option.
    Dawes don't quote a weight so I can't comment on that. Probably still around the 10kg mark