Carbon, Aluminium or Titanium seatpost?

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Am just in the process of having a titanium frame built primarily for comfort. It is a compact design & the dimension from top of saddle to top of seat tube is about 250mm. In order to maximise comfort what seatpost material would be best. I weigh 68kg & the post size is 27.2. Any recommendations for a post with about 20mm layback & micro adjustment?
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  • cougie
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    I'd go carbon.
  • solboy
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    I have a TI Van Nicholas seatpost (set back version) on my Mistral and its great and looks way cooler than carbon.
  • clx1
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    I have a Titanium Enigma and have used Alloy and Carbon seatposts, absolutely no difference in comfort.
  • ascurrell
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    If you can afford it Titanium all day long, then if you try it a couple of times and don't like it I'll have it off you on the cheap,
    Good luck with the build, exciting times!
  • Bar Shaker
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    It will make no difference to comfort, go with what looks sexiest.

    Woven carbon posts beat bare or anodised metal, in my book.
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