What size rear mech

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Think I'm gona get a new rear mech - Tiagra one possibly but SS or GS?

For an 8 spd 12-25 cassette

And a triple front chainset 30-42-52 (i think - not going out to shed in the rain to check either)

I presume a 9spd rear mech will still work ok with an 8spd cassette and 8spd shifters as the indexing distances are controlled by the shifter and not the mech.

Thanks for the advice ...


  • Chris James
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    I am pretty sure that the Shimano tech docs will tell you that you need to have the long cage derailleur (forget whether this is SS or GS).

    However, my 52/42/30 12-25 triple came specced with a short cage 105 rear derailleur and it it works fine. There is obviously a risk that bad cross chaining could explode the mech but I have never found it a problem!
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  • Capacity required = (52-30)+(25-12)=35

    Without checking I think SS=29, GS=37

    So GS it is.
  • carbon337
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    Thanks Rothers i never understood the capacity number.

    GS it is then.