New wheels ( is this good deal?)

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Hi all,

I am looking to get some new wheels to replace my American classic 350 sprints. I found these and wondered I it was a good deal.

Or any other ideas for long country and sportive rides?



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    in that price range - Shimano RS80s
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    If theyre anything like my Sram AL 30 Race then they are very nice wheels, really nice. Wide rims are very comfortable and fast yet. They spin up very nicely and very stiff.
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    Try Sigma sport £413 on their site.
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  • ads77
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    Thanks all.

    The bike has sram rival groupset, i assume the shimano wheels will be ok ( may be a daft question!!!)

  • JRooke
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    yes shimano and sram share the same block for your cassette
  • Bar Shaker
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    Yes, Shimano and SRAM cassettes are interchangeable.
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  • racingcondor
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    OP - My advice is to avoid SRAM wheels.

    The AL30 looks good on paper but I've had nothing but trouble with them and I haven't heard anything good from bike shops I've spoken to either.

    The whole range apparently is plagued by spokes that break for no reason and I'm not impressed by the rear hub (the axle bends if you do up the QR too tight which causes binding on the freehub). The AL30's are light but they're light because the hubs are flimsy and they don't have enough spokes, the rims are heavy enough that they don't accellerate as well as my RS80's.

    Get some RS80's or some DA carbon laminate wheels instead. You won't regret it, both have very light, tough rims and over engineered hubs (i.e. should last and last).
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    I could never really get my head round the radial lacing on the drive side of those SRAM wheels - I'm sure there's a rational explanation somewhere, but I could never find it....
  • Or stick with the american classic brand and try the Aero 420'S
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    whats wrong with the sprint 350s ?
  • ads77
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    Great help, Thanks all!
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    That is an amazing price for 2011 Elites!!
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  • In my own opinion Mavic Wheels are the best. From the lowest priced to the highest the build quality can be noticed throughout. The perfect wheel for every rider.