Morzine, Riders Retreat and transport - £605

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The full package goes as follows -

* Transport by car and ferry from Britain to Morzine
* 2 weeks at Riders Retreat L'Ecurie which has sauna and Jacuzzi
* Liftpass
* Bike Mechanic on hand
* 14 full days of riding

£605 for that load, the only thing not included is the food, drink and parts you break.

We leave the UK on the 19th of August, returning on the 4th of september, and pick-up can be looked at and arranged if neccessary. There's two people going at the moment, and we would like a third person to ride with and reduce the costs. More riders makes it more interesting.

I live in Scotland, so can pick up from most places, though if it's out of the way, the overall fuel cost may rise a little to compensate. I fully expect the price to be less anyway, as we'll be using 24hr fuelstops away from the motorways and autoroutes, as well as a few extra little tricks I have up my sleeve for the drive...

Post here or PM me if you want more details, but the plan is a full fortnights riding in the sun.
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