Anyone ride a cervelo rs?

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Does anyone ride a cervelo rs? If so, would you recommend it? I'm thinking of buying one. Thanks.


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    I had a 2009 RS until very recently and would recommend it to anyone, depending on what you want from a bike of course. It has a stiff enough bottom bracket and they are unbelievably light.

    The geometry allowed me to run no spacers above the headset, so it maintained a sporty look. It's chief characteristic is it's comfortable ride of course and it really is a very comfy bike. The thin, curved seat stays seem to act like shock absorbers and soak up pot holes and uneven road buzz. They are also very well made, the quality of the paint and finish was top notch. At the new lower price I think they are a good option for a frame that can be used for everything from racing to sportives and general pottering.

    I sold mine as I had a chance to buy a Colnago at a crazy low price - and I wanted something a bit sharper handling. Money no object though I would have loved to keep the RS in the stable too!
  • I have a 2010 RS, white, with the 3T Funda fork which, according to the Cycling Weekly review, resolved the handling. It handles quick enough for me! I have significantly upgraded the standard spec with Dura-Ace CL 7850 wheels, Veloflex tyres, DA cassette, and 3T cockpit. It's fabulous.
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    I've recently bought a 2009 RS frame (3T fork) and am really enjoying it so far (done about 800 km since April)

    I concur with everything that was said above re comfort and handling. It uses a 27.2 seatpost which I think also helps to absorb small bumps

    I love the bare, unidirectional carbon finish and the simple, understated design. It doesn't look as overbuilt as some other frames do with their massive bottom brackets and head tubes and all sorts of swooping shapes

    Compared to my 2007 CR1 it is more comfortable without feeling heavier or slower. And after 3-4 hrs in the saddle I don't feel as beaten as I was before

    The fork is not as stiff as the CR1's (which is VERY stiff) and on hard, out of the saddle climbing I can hear a bit of front brake rubbing but that doesn't bother me and doesn't
    affect the handling

    The front mech hanger has some flex in it so changing to the big ring can sometimes require a double tap although it could be my shifter/ cable that need some attention

    All in all I'm very happy with it and would recommend it

    I'm running 6600/6700 groupset, Fulcrum 3's and Easton stem/ bars
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    I bought a new 2011 model RS in March. Just approaching 2,000 Kms super comfortable riding in 3 months. This was not a budget build for me - 3T Team cockpit, Super Record groupset, Mavic R-Sys with Ultremo ZX.

    Conclusion -awesome, super light, rock solid, climbs brilliantly, descends just as well. Bike deserves a far better rider than me. If you want a slightly relaxed geometry for sporttive/distance events or due to stiffening up as age takes its toll, I find it difficult to believe there is a better bike. I would even suggest that dozens of riders whose vanity persuades them to ride a more aggresive setup would find themselves going faster and in a lot more comfort on this frame.