Building up a Cross bike.........compatibility questions.

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I've decided to build up a cross bike to use over winter. I want to do this using parts I've got hanging round, and intend to buy a frame/forks secondhand or maybe new if cheap enough.
My question is, will the drivetrain work together? I know that they might not work perfectly, but will they work and if not what would I need to change (preferably the cheapest)?
The parts I have are:-
Shimano mtb octalink chainset with middleburn rings -46,36,24 - 9speed
Campag Xenon 10speed shifters
Campag 10 speed chain
Campag 10 speed Veloce cassette - 12-25
Campag 10 speed rear mech
Mtb front mech - deore
Campag Khamsin wheels

Will 9 speed chainset work with 10 speed cassette and chain?
Also, will the Khamsins be ok for CX?
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    10 speed chain is thinner than a 9 speed one so is likely to hang up on the chainrings
    Wheels should be fine
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    the mtb front mech wont work with the road levers, that's definite. The cable pull is too different. As for the chainset, it would probably be ok... 10 spd shimano chains work with the 9 speed chainsets because it's only the side plates that are thinner, the internal spacing is the same but I'm not 100% certain on campag. The chain maybe be narrower internally.

    If you put the chain onto the MTB chainrings, does it sit ok or is it too narrow?

    Presumably your levers are for a triple chainset? If so then you might just get away with a new front mech.

    plus: is the rear mech short or long cage? If short then it may struggle with the wide tooth differences of a triple set up - but you could just take off the inner 22 ring and use it as a double if you don't mind the slightly off chainline.
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    9 spd chainset should be OK with 10 speed setup.
    Doubt the front mech would work though. You could try it and see how you get on.
    Either take the 22 off or get a 10 speed triple Campag front mech.
    Me- I'd go double and then wouldn't have to worry about front mech too much.

    Have a look at Planet X - Guercotti CX framesets for £279 at the moment if I recall.
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    The front mech might do it...
    Kev, I got one of your old 105frontmechs working on a triple right now :D

    and a plus one for the Planet X offer
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    10 speed chain will run on 9 speed rings no problem - there's only 0.1mm difference in internal width, not enough to make any perceptible difference.

    I doubt an MTB front mech will work on a CX frame - there simply isn't enough clearance between the seattube and tyre on the frame. Suggest you get a Campagnolo road triple and remove any possible problems.
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