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I'm looking to do a bit of light touring next year as a way if bumping up the milage slightly. However, I can't really justify getting another bike, so I'm looking to rationalise the collection slightly by selling my CX bike (Focus mares disc) and getting a bike that I can race CX on and tour on. I've looked through a fair amount of potential candidates, but one thing that keeps cropping up is the geometry favouring touring slightly (longer chainstays, big head tube) and so comprimising the CX. I'm quite keen to keep a bike that has a racing geometry. I don't see a racing geometry holding me back for touring, but a touring geometry for racing could be awful.

So, budget is around £600 for a build, probably using second hand components and wheel I already own, so I'm looking at up to £250 for a frameset perhaps?

Things I've seen so far:

PX Uncle John - possibly to many comprimises with its tall head tube, but maybe by slamming the stem it'd be ok?

Ragley Rodwell - Looks pretty much perfect, but not available as far as I can see

Dolan Multicross - Bit overpriced at 2kgs for a frame??

Kinesis Crosslight - Possibly a bit pricy, but could be spot on?

Any help/experience welcomed!
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    Why not just transfer the components from your Mares onto a new frame? There should be a whole host of new disc-equipped CX bikes coming out this year and particularly as you're planning on doing some touring, then the extra brake performance / reliability is worth having than switching to cantis.
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    Its tempting, but I think I'd rather move away from discs. It was quite nice having the extra braking power, but I think the disadvantages (spare wheel cost, difficulty running tubs, extra weight) kind of outweigh the advantages for me. If you're a pro with stacks of custom tubular wheels and access to the uber light new models then its a no brainer. For me though...I could swap everything else over though and just buy some cantis.
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