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Mountain Mayhem 2011

airbusboyairbusboy Posts: 231
edited June 2011 in XC and Enduro

I have to write what an awesome weekend i've just had. Although the weather was fairly fickle on saturday, the atmosphere, course (apart from the sticky mud sections) and organisation (warm showers and clean toilets) was excellent...

I will be returning (hopefully) next year.

Love it.
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  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    Agreed, excellent fun, so lucky with the weather really, I'd taken my 1.5" mud tyres just assuming they were going to be required, couldn't believe how dry it was really!
  • carbonfiendcarbonfiend Posts: 475
    yeah epic I bagged 13 laps and came 21st/169 in solo. Was a complete wreck of a man at the end. rode through the night but bombed badly about 7am had to sit in car for a hour to 'find myself'. If you passed a London Phoenix rider doing solo and offered any encouragement THANK YOU so much it really really helps.
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  • airbusboyairbusboy Posts: 231
    1.5'' bloody hell.... is that a cycle X bike... :P ... 2.3'' tyres did feel slightly draggy, that's my excuse anyway

    carbonfiend..upmost respect and congratulations with your solo race..... tbf you must be crazy!

    Still buzzing from the weekend, and really looking forward to next year! :D
    'Ride hard for those who can't.....'
  • njee20njee20 Posts: 9,613
    I didn't use the 1.5s, just used 2.1" Nics the whole time, would've swapped to Rons, but couldn't be bothered.
  • bg13bg13 Posts: 4,598
    My first one, roped a couple of pals in from work and had a blast, the soloists were amazing (mad) but amazing.

    Already planning next year!!
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  • hoppysthoppyst Posts: 9
    Also done mayhem for first time ever-came 8th out of the 16 women solos-brilliant-want 2 do sleepless in saddle but might need helper and definitely mayhem again next year!!
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