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Quebrantahuesos 2011 - How did you do?

That's Quebrantahuesos done and dusted for another year - and what a great weekend it was! Our Train in Spain group managed 12 Gold diploma,s including a great performance from 24 year-old Ceri Dipple, of Twenty3C in Milton Keynes, who finished 4th female overall beating around 7000 guys into the bargain.
If you did it this year how did you get on? What did you think of the experience? Our guests were stunned by the crowds and the support at the top of the Portalet - some said they got quite choked up :)
Hats off to the organisers for doing a brilliant job - the support from the Orbea mechanics, the emergency crews and the volunteers both in Spain and France is just amazing.
Already looking forward to 2012.


  • rusty nutsrusty nuts Posts: 49
    Do many Brits take part?

    I wouldn't mind having a go next year. Do you guys drive down or fly?
  • There are riders there from Mexico, Brazil, Canada, the US etc. as well as plenty of Europeans but the vast majority of riders are Spanish - well over 90% of them I would think. With the inscription process now a lottery (17,000 applications for 8500 starts), it can be a gamble to focus your training on it. The draw for places is in December.
    Train in Spain do it with guaranteed entries for international riders (there were British, Swedish and Canadians in the group this year). As far as transport goes, the only airline that flies to the vicinity is Ryan Air (Stanstead to Zaragoza), so the package includes airport transfers from there to Jaca (approz 1.5 hours drive) plus 4 nights in a 4 * hotel plus entry to the event. It's not a big set up, normally 15-25 riders and you get looked after exceptionally well.
    The other way to do it independently is to become a member of the UCI Golden Bike Club which offers riders priority entry into certain events but not sure if this has a limit on how many places it can allocate - otherwise 16,000 Spaniards would be signing up for it :lol:
  • thebongolianthebongolian Posts: 333
    You can also enter the ballot for places and arrange it all yourselves

    Agree it was an excellent event. I did it in 8:00:21 but could have gone faster with more discipline at the feed stations and getting lucky with a group on the run in to Sabananigo.

    Found it hard and beautiful. Went to some dark places on 10% plus slopes at the top of the Marie Blanque, pedalled squares up the Hoz de Jaca, recovered to try and chase a group on the run in before blowing up again when the gap was down to about 100m. Moderately keen to return and try and a gold time...
  • I was surprised to see so few Brits at a smashing event, too. The QBH is great. Climbs weren't ridiculously hard,but long and beautiful. As ever, it was sunny in Spain (and went wet in France for a few hours). The temperature was just right for climbing. Spaniards were really friendly, even though I speak only a few words. Unlike some other events, I've ridden there wasn't chaos at the finish, just food and a limitless San Miguel. Top event. Incidentally, I went on an organised trip (Train in Spain), which was really friendly, but professionally run. We stayed in decent hotel in Jaca, which in itself was worth the trip. Lots of nice(cheap) restaurants and cafes to sit and relax outside and people watch in the sun. Mrs PD came along to do the shorter ride, Treparriscos and loved the ride and the social element with the group, too. Challenge for next year is for Mrs PD to do the QBH...
  • felgenfelgen Posts: 829
    I am feeling slightly disappointed that I didn't go this year. After last year when I was freezing for most of the ride (especially in France!) I wasn't sure I wanted to make the trip all the way there to have the same again, so I gave it a miss this year. I am glad that the weather was better for all the riders this time. The conditions seem to be reflected in the times, which seem to be a fair bit quicker than last year too.

    Perhaps I should pencil this one in for next year again. Perhaps I should learn some more Spanish too...
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  • T.C.T.C. Posts: 495
    Ive tried to contact Train in Spain this weEk with no success, any other ideas, and if you did it yourself how cheers T.C.
  • ut_och_cyklaut_och_cykla Posts: 1,594
    I did the QBH this year too! It was pretty tough for me - had a time of 11 + hours which didn't leave much leeway for muckups... but it was stunning riding, very well organised and well worth the entry 45 Euros or so (lovely bike jersey, bottle, free food & beer at end) .

    Gendarmes at every junction meant pretty much closed roads on spanish & french side for the greater part of the race, and teh weather though not stunning was perfect for climbing the long drags.

    Must say though that the entry procedure leaves a lot to be desired. Hubby & I registered in November 2010, found out we weren't in the draw mid- December and felt gutted that we'd missed out by a few hundred numbers.

    We ended up getting entries as part of a package run by Train in Spain which at the time seemed pricy but was well worth the money - nice hotel, no hassles (thanks for all the help and support - and not emptying my bottles in the van!.

    I probably wouldn't do it again as it was too close to my limits all the time, but its no reflection on the event which is classy and professional. (and a UCI golden event!) Probabally easier than the marmotte it provided a good step up /challenge from local events for me. Hope Pussydoctor gets the wife to do it next year - and that this brill event gets on to more wish can't beat a hilly day in the pyrenees for beauty and wonderful cycling expereinces.
  • T.C.T.C. Posts: 495
    Cheers for that, i would probably struggle, i have done the 3 counties challenge in 9.50 and tour of pembrokeshire in 9.15, i also did the etape in 2002 and the wicklow 200 in 2004, i feel that i have the experience to suffer, Yes it seems that train in spain is the way in , but still no reply, any photos, cheers Tommie
  • T.C. wrote:
    Cheers for that, i would probably struggle, i have done the 3 counties challenge in 9.50 and tour of pembrokeshire in 9.15, i also did the etape in 2002 and the wicklow 200 in 2004, i feel that i have the experience to suffer, Yes it seems that train in spain is the way in , but still no reply, any photos, cheers Tommie

    Hi TC - we have been off in the French Alps for the past 9 days and offline so no reply re. QBH. We will contact you directly via email shortly..
  • T.C.T.C. Posts: 495
    Ok TOM no worries.
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