9 year old bike!

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HI Folks,
My eldest son is 9 in a few weeks and needs a bike.
We looked at a few other the weekend, and as he's tall he could fit onto a 26" wheel with a 13" frame. but he did look like he would still have to do some growing into it! We also had him sit on a few 24" wheeled ones and he looked a little more comfortable
I'm thinking of getting a 24" - Ive found a last years hotrock at a good price, am I being a bit short sighted with this and will I be buying another one in 18 months time?
I have another son who is a lot smaller, so I guess he could take that bike in 2/3 years time although I'm not sure its fair on the wee man!
Islabikes are out of my price range, and ideally I would have to be the right side of £200. Oh and where its ridden will be on quiet country lanes while I ride / run or offroad down a canal, and possible dalby on occasion


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    Thanks for the link I'd read about that one on here however I went to 2 different halfords to try and look at one and walked out of both - their customer service was shocking!

    I'm also a liar it was a trek that I was looking at last years model!
  • I have just bought the smaller Blast for my (almost) 7 year old... and its great bike for the money, proper gears, nice frame, functional suspension.

    Yes Halfords are often full of muppets, and customer service can be lacking, but for the price its worth a shot.
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    Would reccommend Marin Hidden Canyon not sure what i paid for it exactly as I bough myself a bike and kit at the same time, but a "proper bike" and well worth the money, will be passed onto the younger one in due course. It has given my daughter bags of confidence. Quite shocked when her friends turn up on other bikes which literally weigh a ton! - Apollo = Apologoy for a bike!
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    You only need two tools: WD40 and Duck Tape.
    If it doesn't move and should, use the WD40.
    If it shouldn't move and does, use the tape.
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    Decathlon tend to do decent kids bikes - they aren't in the Islabike league but then they are cheaper. I have had a couple of Islas though and they are nice and do hold their value unlike any other brand of kids bikes.

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