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Brake Pads

OceanblueOceanblue Posts: 158
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A mate of mine bought his first road bike from Gumtree a few months ago and got a cracker deal. He bought a Specialized Alllez that is 3-4 years old but never really been used. Carbon forks & seat post with a Tiagra/Sora set up & all for £250.... sicken ya the deals some people get ;-) Anyway the back brake blocks are dozed & needing replaced. I've never replaced pads as yet and was wonder what you guys would recommend??

Any thoughts...



  • jonny_trousersjonny_trousers Posts: 3,588
  • Swisstops.


    These blocks are incredible. Yes they are expensive but they last longer than other brands so in the long run, they aren't that much more expensive. If your mate is planning to go real fast dowhill/race a lot and/or require insane braking, then go for these. Otherwise most other brands will be fine, and cheaper.
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