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Brecon Beast newbie - what do I need?

crakercraker Posts: 2,060
edited June 2011 in XC and Enduro
Right I've signed up and I've got 12 weeks to get trained and ready.

I'm used to road racing (sportives and the like) so I'm familiar enough with the fitness and nutrition side of things, how does that transfer to cross country racing?

How about clothing? My road riding gear but with my shoes of choice (mountain bike boots & spds) would seem appropriate. I've got armour & pads but I'm not expecting to take it.

My bike is an eleven yo Jamis hardtail. I've upgraded the wheels to Stans on hope hubs but haven't been bothered going tubeless on them. Tyres are Maxxis of some description that have plenty of tread. What sort of pressure would you run? (2" tyres).

The forks are 2002 Marazocchi Bombers (3" travel) that might need a service - no idea how to tell tbh.

The brakes are basic Shimano LX hydraulics. They're not great but I imagine they'll do the job on the day.

Any suggestions welcome.


  • Stiff_OrangeStiff_Orange Posts: 218
    Rode it last for the last couple of years.

    There is nothing too technical on the beast, there is a fair bit of road and most of the rest is forest road, moorland tracks or wide bridleways.
    The last couple of years the crossing off Pen-y-Fan has been North to South, which makes for a harder climb, (hike-a-bike at the top) but a safer descent. So no need for pads.
    I would suggest that you take a good waterproof and something warm. If the weather sets in it, it will get very cold and miserable.
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