Which of the two would you buy (Off paper)

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Well, been offered these at very similar price.

Giant TCR advanced 2 with 105
http://www.giant-bicycles.com/en-us/bik ... 309/44385/

Kuota Kharma with Sram Rival
http://kuota.it/bike.php?IDCategoria=1& ... IDColore=1

Out of the two (on paper) which would you get?

Ignore the price, as there's hardly anything in it.

As for what riding i do, i'm wanting to get faster with a possibility (If i get fast enough) to try racing.


  • rolf_f
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    I'd get the one that was the better fit for me.
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  • I can't make any comparison between the 2 but I do have a 2010 Kharma and love it. Love the looks too and it gets a lot of comments. I'm still building up my own speed but would see no problem in stepping up to racing on this bike if I can build the engine for it.
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  • On paper - the Kuota, because IMO they look like a work of art. However agree with Rolf - fit is key. I would test ride before you buy. FWIW, I test rode a Kharma and found the geometry very neutral, the bike had a 'solid' feel to it and I could imagine covering a lot of miles on it in comfort. Whilst to a lesser extent, it did remind me of the Spesh Roubaix and I was struggling to imagine myself taking it to a crit race. I'm in the market for a sportive/chain gang bike (not and out and out racer) and the Kharma is on my short list along with Ribble Gran Fondo. The latter offers exceptional value for money, but Ribble keep things tight when you use Cyclescheme vouchers which is resulting in frustrating compromises on tyres, etc. And I wouldn't be able to ride the bike before I bought it...and I'll be waiting 3 weeks at best to get it, whilst my lbs can get next day delivery on Kuota. My Cyclescheme voucher's arrival is imminent, so I'll have to decide soon!
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  • PhilofCas
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    Kuota for me, they look smashing :)
  • amaferanga
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    Assuming both fit I'd have the Kuota.

    FWIW I've ridden 1500km in 4 and 1/2 days on my Kharma and I've also raced it for a season.
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    go on then... I'll say the Giant. I am biased but the Kuota is a bit too tarty for my taste... 8)

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