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Trev Trek

cwmcwm Posts: 177
edited June 2011 in Your road bikes
trek 5000 ovlc.
Goes by the name of Trev
Bought off a mate a couple of years ago,came with ultegra but lavished some love on him before 2010 dragon ride.

Now has a mix of sram red force and rival
wheels have been changed to fulcrom racing 7's for poor weather and 3's for posh rides. ... directlink
now sharing my plods on


  • nakita222nakita222 Posts: 341
    Shouldn't his name by Trev The Trek, not just Trev Trek. Just saying, but IMO it sounds better.

    nice bike as well, one of Trek's earlier carbon frames, much nicer and more classy than their modern stuff if you ask me.
  • cwmcwm Posts: 177
    actually,i call him Trevor when i speak to him :?
    now sharing my plods on
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