What jersey to wear?

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Afternoon all!

So, I'm just wondering what people wear when they're out an about on the trails. I have a couple of Helly Hansen long sleeve base-layers but I've no idea what would be best to use on top of that.

Any suggestions of what might be of any use welcome!


  • Briggo
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    Depends on the weather.

    Sometimes I just wear a baselayer if real warm, sometimes I'll whack my s/s North face top on too.

    When it starts to get colder I'll wear a s/s baselayer and my Endura l/s jersey, then when it gets real cold I'll whack on my l/s craft baselayer, endura jersey and waterproof on top if needed.
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    I'll normally just have an endura jersey over a t shirt. It dries quickly after showers, and even with a cotton tee underneath regulates temperature well. The absence of long sleeves doesn't bother me, and it will see me through most rides till about November time.

    Come times of frigidity, I still eschew jackets, as I tend to heat up very quickly when riding, so it's often just a case of putting a base layer on,
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    Wind, rain or sun i just ride in a longsleave downhill style jersey but if you add ice i'll add the Fox Vapour jacket as it's lightweight and warm
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  • Mojo_666
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    Anthing synthetic, so long as it dries quick and keeps you warm. Then just varying layers styles depending on how much warm you need and how you want to style up.
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    Merino... all the way....
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  • We have a Nike outlet store near us and I bought a couple of long and short sleaved 'Dri Fit' tops. These seem to do the job quite well and are quiet comfy and loose fitting. They have a couple of small pockets on the side as well and were significantly cheaper that bike specific stuff I looked at.
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  • diy
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    I find the lidle motorcyle/ski/running/cycle thermals pretty good for winter and summer, they are fairly tight lycra so give good compression and very good at wicking sweat away. I have these in both long sleeve and short

    I'll add a berghaus quick dry top, or a regular cycling top as necessary.

    For winter I'll add a micro fleece base too, but normally that comes off after 10 mins. Personally I don't normally find I get cold while riding, unless I have managed to get wet without putting waterproofs on.

    Though I am fairly disciplined and will put the waterproof on as soon as it starts to rain.

    The biggest mistake you can make is carrying on in light rain hoping it will stop only to get wet and then put waterproofs on top, which normally means you get very cold.

    A couple of weekends ago I was doing the south downs way and due to the altitude and odd June weather, we were getting temperatures of between 11 and 23 degrees, which is quite noticeable.
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    If you dont want to spend much find a Mountain Warehouse, decent biking section.
  • Ian43
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    Agreed i just wear a Nike baselayer s/s or l/s and a Mountain warehouse s/s top over the top for most rides and carry a waterproof if needed, for winter just add a mid thermal top.