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Geoff Thomas Foundation Sportive - 21 Aug (Cheshire/Peaks)

AndsAnds Posts: 1,437
Anyone doing this again this year? 86 miles through Cheshire & the Peaks. There is also a flat 25 mile route.

I did it last year and had a brilliant day (even tho I did ride on my own for virtually the entire 6 hours). I'd like to do it again but at the moment I'm nowhere near prepped enough for all the climbing. (Last year I had just come back from the Alps so was in better shape). The profile looks good though:

It was really well organised last year, fabulous route, loads of parking, good feed stops, and if I recall, over 70% of the entry fee went to charity.


  • MrT999MrT999 Posts: 2
    This will be one of the few sportives I'll be riding again this year. Thought it was really well organised last year and the route was awesome.

  • Cleat EastwoodCleat Eastwood Posts: 7,510
    I've a lot of time for Geoff Thomas, I'll be doing this. Whats the steepest climb by the way?
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  • AndsAnds Posts: 1,437
    I've a lot of time for Geoff Thomas, I'll be doing this. Whats the steepest climb by the way?
    I don't know - I haven't studied the route in too much detail. Maybe Thorncliffe? That was about 20% I think. I think it also goes through Macc Forest and Langley but not sure in which direction (I have only done it in one direction (from Langley going up) and I found that quite a tough little climb towards the top.
  • Did this ride last year, one of the best tbh.

    Varied route with great scenery + Well stocked food stops.

    Yes, Thorncliffe would probably be the steepest, although there were a few other tough climbs too.
  • I should be doing this again this year. Did it last year and other than the colour of the signs it was really well organised and starting from the same town I live is also a bonus.
    Looking forward to it and hopefully dragging a few friends along too this year.
  • As I am part of the organising, I can confirm the signs are definitely being improved, All in all it was great day last and hopefully this year will be even better, please turn up and bring your friends.

    Steepest hill, from riding it, I would say Thorncliff but there are several good climbs.

  • Just to let people know, online entries will be closing in 2 weeks so dont miss out, we will be taking entries on the day but due to the extra admin (and to encourage online entry so we can plan better), its a 5er more.
  • I've signed up for this one again this year
    Hope the weather is as good as last year.
    Maybe I'll see some of you there.
  • I've just signed up for the 86 miler... If you look at the profile it says it's about 5,800ft of ascent (as opposed to the 4,000ft they talk about in the blurb! Should be a good one.

    Oh - also just noticed that they've extended the online entry to midnight on Wedneday now.

    Enter here. See you there :)

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  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 1,979
    I know entries have closed now, but the route is not available to view on the site anymore. Anyone got a link? Pete?



    See you there on a borrowed bike as my rear wheel has collapsed!
  • thegibdogthegibdog Posts: 2,106
    Rode this yeasterday and it was much tougher than I expected. Hadn't done the Thorncliffe climb before - just looked at the stats on this and it's about 2 miles long with the first mile averaging 5% and the second mile averaging 10%! I think I was lulled into a false sense of security after going up the easy side of Gun Hill. Also putting that Macc Forest climb in as the last major hill after 67 miles was pretty cruel!

    It was a good day though, the weather was ideal, the route well signposted and mainly on quiet roads and there was plenty of refreshments.
  • CrimmeyCrimmey Posts: 207
    Loved it. My first Sportive where I didn't get lost whilst on my own. I didn't have a clue where or what the route entailed ( part of the fun) and some of those climbs were immense which added to the enjoyment however I think some of my descents were at the same speed I ascended, very twisty and turny and thin but luckily quiet roads. Thought we were gonna hit Mow Cop at first. Big thanks to the guys who I joined in with at the beginning as I usually ride on my own and it was a nice change riding with others.

    That accelerade stuff, whilst it kept me going, tasted wierd. Possibly my mixture of CNP, cherry and orange ZERO and that. The chocolate gel was yummy. The timing of the feed stops was perfect I think as when I ran out of a bottle the stop was right there.
    Little disappointed with my time and found myself trying to waste leftover energy battling the wind on the last 15miles home.

    An ambulance arrived as I was leaving hope nothing serious happened.

    Next one for me will possibly be the Manc100miler.
  • pilot_petepilot_pete Posts: 1,979
    I'd like to congratulate Paddy, Pete and the team for another great ride organized.

    Also, well done to my (only just) 14 year old son Harry for doing 55 miles of the long route, and Bill and Fred (16 and 15) for completing the 86! Great to see youngsters tackling what was a tough route for many adult cyclists.

    For those that have never done it, try that Macc Forrest route the other way around if you think that climb was hard! :lol:

  • supergrasssupergrass Posts: 123
    Great ran Sportive… Was really Enjoying it… Until my derailleur decided to snap off the frame…. So only got 38 miles done ,… Thanks to the guys who ran it though for picking me up…Deffo going to do it next year.
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