Cube Attempt or Specialized Secteur Elite

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I've been doing none stop online research, shop visits, and forum reviews over the last couple of weeks, and my head is about to explode. Initially i was going to go for the Boardman Road Comp, but i then realised Halfords were not part of the cycle to work scheme my work uses. I have therefore looked at alternatives but to get a bike with similar spec/components i have had to up my budget. My absolute limit is £1000.

The two bikes that have stood out and grabbed my attention in a serious way are:

1) Cube Attempt
2) Specialized Secteur Elite

Can anyone help me decide which bike to choose based on their experience and knowledge?



  • arlowood
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    Hi Steedy

    I bought the Spesh Secteur Elite last autumn and have spent some very enjoyable miles in the intervening period. Just completed my first 100K sportive on it last weekend.

    Last year the Elite was specced with Shimano 105 for the most part wheras this year Specialized have switched to SRAM Apex which is the entry level SRAM kit I believe. Not sure how it compares with 105. I'm very happy with the 105 drivetrain but I think the Secteur Elite suffers a bit with the Mavic CXP22 wheelset and the Spesh All Condition tyres.

    The Cube has Shimano 105 with Fulcrum 7 wheels and Schwalbe Ultremo tyres. On that basis alone I think it is a better packge than the Elite.

    If you are near a Leisure Lakes outlet they are stockists for both bikes so you shpouild be able to get your leg over and have a ride to sort out your preference
  • pickled
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    I can tell you based on looks its Cube all the way.
  • Bracey1970
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    that's the same choice I had,and I went for the Secteur
    for me,as a short round unfit 41 year old, the wider spaced gears which will climb almost anything and a comfortable riding position you can stay in all day sold it for me,depends what you want out of a bike.

    As I was told when I was on here asking the same questions as you,you can't really get a bad bike at this price limit,you have to just get the right bike for you-good luck :D
    Specialized Secteur Elite-short fat bloke on a light fast bike
  • Steedy
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    Thanks guys for the advice given. On Sunday i put a deposit down to buy the Cube Attempt. Decision was based on a whole load of bike testing over the weekend. The Cube came top in comfort and also looks so i'm well pleased.

    Problem i have now is i won't be able to pick it up for another 3 weeks as i have to wait for the cycle to work voucher to come through which will be sometime after 1st July.

    A happy Steed. ;-)
  • sampras38
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    Depends what you want the bike for, and have you ridden both?

    I have the Attempt as a winter/turbo training bike and for the money, the spec is bloody good and it rides lovely. I swapped the tyres for Continental Gatorskins though, as they're a little more bomb proof for bad weather. Rides lovely though and I think you'll struggle to get such a good bike for the money.

    My summer bike is the Cube Agree GTC SL with Dura Ace.