Replacing my Zondas

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Hi all,

My 7yr old Zondas are looking a bit tired with the braking surface being pretty worn and a few deep scratches in them.
So, if I was replacing them I thought I might as well get a 'better' wheel. Something lighter while I was at it.

I've read plenty of thoughts on not to bother with wheels if you don't race etc.
I don't race. Just a club rider but I have the money for wheels and I'd like a nice set :)

I've looked at:

1) Campag Shamals - 1425g
2) Mavic Ksyrium SL - 1485g
3) Fulcrum 1 - 1485g
4) Easton EA90 SLX - 1398g
5) Soul 2.0 - 1330g

I like the Campag G3 spoke pattern and individually I don't think I've heard many bad things about the wheels so as they're a similar price, are they going to much the same?
Go for the ones I prefer?

I'm being drawn to the Easton as they're also a bit lighter but then you've got the Soul which are lighter still and about $500/£300 pre customs although I wondered if I should stick with the 'tried and tested' wheels?

The other option that will no doubt get mentioned is handbuilt.
I plan to contact Wheelsmith to ask them.

Thanks.....and sorry for another wheel question!!
We should have a wheel sub forum!

PS: I wanted to put a link to say, Ribble, where I've typed Shamals...can't do it for the life of me!!! :?


  • Velonutter
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    If you can't stretch to Shamals, then go for Eurus, only a few grams heavier.

    Campag all the way, their wheels are bullet proof!
  • rolf_f
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    Velonutter wrote:
    If you can't stretch to Shamals, then go for Eurus, only a few grams heavier.

    Or Neutron; same weight as Eurus but cheaper irrc. Or Neutron Ultra which are lighter than Eurus.
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  • gkerr4
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    the fulcrum 1's are more comparable (i believe) to the Eurus - with the zeros being aligned to the shamals.

    i have the eurus - and i'd say on that list, go for the shamals - so strong they are amazing and very light - great looking wheels too IMO (I also like the G3 arrangement)
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    I have both Shamal Ultras and Fulcrum R1's and i cant detect anything between them. However the Shamal spoke pattern looks nice, and if anything I think the R1's climb better
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  • on-yer-bike
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    Shamals are Eurus with carbon hubs and ceramic bearings. There is only a Shamal Ultra now, the Eurus being the regular Shamal. I have Neutrons, Eurus and Boras and like them all although not ridden the others. The Mavic QRs feel like junk compared to Campag. If your last Campag wheels did so well for you, buy another set but upgrade.
  • guinea
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    I'd go Shamals. Oh wait, I did.

    Bombproof, lightish, aeroish and lovely to look at.

    These used to be my best wheels, but I upgraded to blingier Boras. To be honest, most of my miles are still done on the Shamals.
  • rc856
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    Thanks folks.
    Seems like the Shamals are the way ahead! :D