Cost for Full Dura-Ace Bike

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What is the sort of entry level cost for a full Dura-Ace (presumably also therefore full carbon) road bike?

Am I right in thinking that Dura-Ace is the best from Shimano, with SRAM Red being an approximate/slightly better equal? Also that Ultegra is "one down" from Dura-Ace, with 105 being below that?

Just thinking ahead for a new road bike in the Spring 2012 - will probably be looking for a discounted 2011 bike.


  • Anonymous
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    If wanting a bike with Dura Ace/Red etc, I'd build it up myself so everything was perfect.

    Having said that, the Canyon ones are pretty good value!
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    So we're looking at about £2.5k?

    If building it myself, what sort of cost saving would that make - presume it's still going to be >£2k?

    I do like the look of that Canyon in your link - very tasty!
  • pmannion9
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    I looked at self build but going to go for Canyon instead.
    If you are lucky might get Dura Ace on ebay for £700-£800
    Then you need a quality frame to go with quality components.
    And wheels of course too :-)