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My new bike - Indy Fab Ti 'Factory Lightweight' - shiny!!

tensimtensim Posts: 50
edited June 2011 in Your road bikes
Finally got this built up, been a few teething issues with sourcing parts (particularly the pressfit BB30 bottom bracket, they were as rare as hens teeth for a short while earlier this month!). Picked it up from the LBS tonight, straight down to the park for a few quick photos and then a short blast. First impressions? It's bloody quick to accelerate and super stiff, the fit is perfect (as you'd expect!) felt brilliant! Please forgive the rather large 35mm spacer stack, this is temporary till a) I've lost a bit of weight and b) I've improved my flexibility a touch

Will eventually sort out a decent set of wheels for her, but for now the Dura-ace hoops are pretty good (and suit it well I think?). The Adamo saddle is a trial to see if I get along with it, have always suffered with the dreaded 'numb nuts' so hoping this might help. Off for a good ride tomorrow (weather permitting) so will see how I feel at the end of the day! :oops:

IMG_3268 by ten_sim, on Flickr

IMG_3269 by ten_sim, on Flickr

IMG_3267 by ten_sim, on Flickr

IMG_3258 by ten_sim, on Flickr

IMG_3262 by ten_sim, on Flickr

A few more pics can be found in this Flickr set if you're interested...[email protected]/sets/72157626977128808/with/5839736643/


  • greasedscotsmangreasedscotsman Posts: 7,224
    Interesting saddle, do you have any buttocks?
  • flasherflasher Posts: 1,728
    Very nice 8)
  • nferrarnferrar Posts: 2,511
    Nice, you won't see too many of those around. Interesting saddle, although it doesn't exactly flatter the bike but occasionally you have to take comfort over style ;) Only thing that looks odd to me is in the first pic the wheelbase looks incredibly short but that might just be camera distortion.
  • Zoomer37Zoomer37 Posts: 725
    Nice bike! Like that a lot. Very stylish..

    Saddle is a interesting one. Looks like you'd kind of need 2. One for each ball.
  • carl_pcarl_p Posts: 989
    That's fantastic.

    Can you give us the full spec? Liking the cable outers!
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  • tensimtensim Posts: 50
    Only thing that looks odd to me is in the first pic the wheelbase looks incredibly short

    It is pretty short @ 970mm, though not sure how this compares to other bikes? Frame is obviously a custom build, so some of the sizing's are a little odd I think, due to my own individual measurements and flexibility. This is the full geometry:

    IF drawing by ten_sim, on Flickr
    Interesting saddle, do you have any buttocks?

    Indeed I do :) Saddle is pretty good actually, did 90km on it today and no issues with numb nether regions, certainly felt like I was sitting right on the 'sit bones' (bloody sore now actually!), finally felt what it's like to be sitting on a saddle in the right place I think, will take a bit to get used to.

    Impressions from todays ride? Well, it's bloody fast, that's for sure. Took 2min off my PB around Richmond Park (was approx 23 min or so on my De Rosa steel bike, went around in just under 21 min today and that was with a decent head wind in parts and probably 80% effort). It seriously flys on the hills, when my legs have the power to put down of course, it's amazing just how stiff it is, every ounce of effort you put in goes to forward motion, acceleration feels effortless!

    I can see myself spending a lot of time with this bike, I love it :D
    Liking the cable outers!

    The brake cable outers are from the Yokozuna Reaction Cable System, bloody stiff outers but they do look good!
  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    The rear isn't that short - 410mms is about averager. Giants go down to 399mms. The front center IS rather short at 57cms but then the frame is a 53 or so. Most of my frames are about 59cms for 57-58cm sizes.

    What makes the front triangle look small is the tall steerer and the fugly seatpost/saddle set up. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and the saddle combined with the heavy-looking/industrial seat clamp set up is just wrong. This bike is crying out for a nice Selle Italia SLR or other delicate looking saddle. The fact that the current saddle doesnt have a nose makes it look funny.
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  • tensimtensim Posts: 50
    This bike is crying out for a nice Selle Italia SLR or other delicate looking saddle.

    Might try to source a nice CF saddle, but looks aside, the Adamo is pretty comfy (for me anyway). Of course, it could just be that I'm on a bike that fits me finally, so any saddle would work :lol:

    I'm thinking that maybe getting the top section of the seatpost (currently bare titanium) painted black so it doesn't stand out so much - waddayareckon chaps?
  • FransJacquesFransJacques Posts: 2,148
    Hmmm, ballsy asking for our advice :-)

    You have 2 options - paint the seapost black or just get a carbon seatpost.

    Or, cut that carbon pizzle down to size and get a much lighter/slimmer seat clamp and make it look like a normal seat cluster.

    I think that visually, the carbon to ti to carbon to ti is too discontinuous for the human eye.
    When a cyclist has a disagreement with a car; it's not who's right, it's who's left.
  • ynyswen24ynyswen24 Posts: 703
    something very special - always lusted after an IF bike, very very nice I think
  • JRookeJRooke Posts: 243
    thats looks like a super uncomfortable cable routing round the bars lol, sticks out like a knife edge!

    Bike looks superb
  • Custom ti -- nothing like it! Saddle does look a little stubby, but if it works for you, that's what counts. You can always change; time on it will tell you what to do.

    Very nice all around -- you'll be riding more -- enjoy!
  • bencolembencolem Posts: 463
    I'd leave the seatpost well alone, its a thing of beauty - rather, I'd ditch the Pro Stealth bars and get a ti stem and Enve bars. Wheels really work for this build although I'd replace the 4 seasons with some Schwalbe - for the aesthetics and ride quality. Initially thought the carbon weave forks looked old fashioned / out of place but then realised it picks up on the seattube beautifully. Very nicely done all round.
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