2011 Model Sales

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I'm sacrificing a season to pick up a cheaper 2011 model later in the year/early next year. Just so I don't have to keep checking sites daily, what month or time of year do the reduced prices traditionally start to appear (that rhymed)?

Many thanks.


  • keef66
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    Specialized Concept just emailed me saying 2011 Allez now discounted. Evans & some others have followed suit.

    So I'd say from now on.

    (Previously I'd have said Aug-Oct; got my mtb with 30% off in the autumn sales years ago)

    It rhymed but didn't scan very well
  • MattJPaul
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    Anyone else with anything else?

    I read somewhere that new models are traditionally released (or announced) in September, so does this coincide with the reduced pricing?
  • Monty Dog
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    Yup, distributors want to clear-out 2011 stock in September for 2012 models so they incentivise dealers by dropping prices. Depends though as popular models / sizes may have sold out or demand is still strong - it varies from brand and model. It's quite common with the likes of Trek, Specialized and Giant but don't expect many deals on Colnagos or DeRosas.
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  • Wrath Rob
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    Just recommended a 2011 Specialized Allez Sport 18 that's reduced to £600 on Evans. Looks like a great bike for the cash.
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  • the_fuggler
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    It's a tricky time of year. I finally know what I want, but do I take the plunge now or wait for the sales? And what will 2012 bring? Higher prices or reduced specs no doubt (has anyone seen any news on Giant's range for 2012?). Probably best to Go for it now and have done with it
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