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Just wondering if anyone has any experience with these wheels? I'm looking to upgrade my stock wheels in the next week and i was originally looking at the American Classic 420 Aero 3 wheels which are beautifully made and seem to have sorted the problems out that the 2009 models had which tension etc. Although i have just come across these on eBay at £450 which is within my budget (£600 max)...

Or can anyone think of any other wheels i could look at? I'm 6 foot and 14 stone so need strong wheels, but would also like the aero properties of 30mm+ rims and a max weight of 1800g......not many hills round here and i know some people from across Lancashire call the hills that i ride little bumps....

Any help is appreciated...


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    At the risk of starting the old 'cheap chinese carbon ' debate again, have you considered some of the offereings from CarbonZone or Dengfu? Got the 50mm clinchers from Dengfu and am very happy with them..
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    I'm 6'1" & weigh 13.5 Stone.

    I bought some Hope RSSP 3.0 Aero wheels recently. One review I read was saying they were good for heavier riders.

    30mm profile, hand build and imho, an excellent wheel.
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  • cadseen wrote:
    What about these


    Would love them, but £860 is slightly out of range i'm afraid!

    I'll check out the Dengfu bits too...

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    You could buy or build up some 50mm Chinese carbon clinchers with Dati hubs and Sapim CX-Rays or Lasers for well within your budget. Would weigh significantly less than 1800g as well - probably more like 1400g.

    Or you could buy some branded ones that weigh more and cost twice as much....
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    Miche stuff is cr*p. Just thought I'd put that out there! :lol:
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    Miche is relatively cheap, not sure I agree with it being crap though. The track stuff is good, and I'm using, and have had no problems with, their road hubs on my cyclocross bike.

    If American Classic have sorted out their bearing problems (the bearings on the front hub were too small to cope with the stresses put on them and required frequent replacement) then I'd go for those. I had a pair and they were a solid pair of wheels (bar the front hub issue).
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    BigMat wrote:
    Miche stuff is cr*p. Just thought I'd put that out there! :lol:

    I've had about 20,000 miles out of a pair if Miche sf road hubs with no probs - I've never even had to regrease them.
  • BigMat wrote:
    Miche stuff is cr*p. Just thought I'd put that out there! :lol:

    Care to enlighten us?