£1500 for a road bike..

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... What would you get?

As for usage, longer rides, couple of sportives, but no races. Don't mind a racey kind of bike, but i think a nice balance of comfort and speed would be nice (I'm 24 and love getting out of the saddle to attack climbs)

I currently ride a Giant Defy with sora throughout (Which weighs 22lbs), and i'm slowly disliking the bike because i can't stand the shifters (And i don't like the flexy wheels and cranks) and that upgrading is pointless, may as well buy a full bike at this price band. It was great for the first 18 months of my time riding road, but i think it's time to upgrade.

Now, i've been offered one of thesefor £1700, but i think it may be a bit too racey and harsh.

So, any ideas for the £1500 mark? I'd like 105 or sram rival, and if possible a decent carbon frame. (May be a bit of a push for the carbon)