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Are Bianchi currently producing a proper track frame?

hondicusphondicusp Posts: 168
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Does anyone know if Bianchi currently have a genuine track frame available (ie rather than Urban Fixed Gear with brake drillings etc) as I cant seem to find one on their website

The one that Andy Fenn is riding on the link below is a beauty


  • hondicusphondicusp Posts: 168
    I've found out what the frame is,
    it's a D2 Super Pista and it seems to be available in the States so now I just need to find who the UK importer is for Bianchi and see if they can get one for me
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  • geoff93geoff93 Posts: 190
    Working at a Bianchi dealer, what I gather is that Bianchi UK buys the bikes from Bianchi and bike shops then order through them. Contact your local Bianchi Dealer.
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