KMC or Shimano or SRAM?

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Hey all,

Simple question, looking for a new chain for my bike. Got a 6700 rear mech and crankset, 7800 cassette and 6600 front mech. Would a KMC chain (e.g. X10 / X10 l / X10 sl) shift/work just as well as the "recommended" narrow 6700/7900 chains? or even SRAM chain?



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    All good chains but KMC and SRAM both come with a powerlink which work far better than shimano's pin.
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    If you go for a Shimano chain you can use the KMC or SRAM powerlink, the KMC is better as it can be reused the SRAM is fit once only, i would rather use one of these if it came to fixing a broke chain at the side of the road rather than the Shimano reinforced pin.
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    SRAM powerlinks can be reused
    Its the 'Powerlocks' that can't as they are for replacing broken links.
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    I'm sure I've had a Shimano chain on a bike that I did up that came with a powerlink. A very annoying powerlink admittedly but it was definitely re-useable!
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  • ok, thank you all! :)
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    all kmc these days
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    I use KMC too, although my last one cracked and bent apart after about 1500 miles. However from various threads on here it appears that all makes of 10 speed chains have had occasional breakages.
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    Call me old-fashioned but while i am happy to use KMC and Sram with the quicklinks on my road bikes(trainng use only) I use a Shimano chain on my tt bike with 'proper' connecting rivet. I just feel this gives extra security which may (or may not) make a difference at the outer edge of the chain's performance envelope. I.e. when the chain is under maximum stress. One less thing to worry about when racing.
  • KMC X10 SL is the best chain I've used yet. I've had no issues at all and tend to ride hard...

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  • nice, just ordered the KMC x10sl, will i need any special tools to join up the chain? or should it be easy enough to do it by hand?
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    Easy to do up by hand (join on the top of the chain and then press on the pedal with the back brake on and it is sorted). I do find a pair of the splitting pliers makes breaking the chain a whole lot easier though.