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My Mmmbop

phildawphildaw Posts: 49
edited June 2011 in Your mountain bikes
Finally got round to giving it a good clean, and my wife was out so I didn't feel too foolish setting up some decent shots in the garden, although my two year old was wondering why the bike was getting all the attention!

frame - Ragley Mmmbop
headset - FSA big fat pig
seatclamp - scape
seatpost - Easton E30
seat - scape
bb - Shimano
crank - shimano deore lx
bash guard - Sunline
front mech - shimano xt
rear mech - shimano xt
shifters - shimano xt
pedals - Welgo things
bars - Ragley Wiser
stem - Sunline downhill 50mm
grips - can't remember
brakes - hayes stroker ryde
forks - rockshox revelation u-turn 130mm
discs - ashima 203mm front - 160mm rear red
wheels - Deore XT hubs with Alex EN24 rims
tyres - Maxxis advantage







  • FenredFenred Posts: 428
    Lovely build....Good job!
  • wowtaylorwowtaylor Posts: 75
    Nice build mate, it looks very neat :D
  • phildawphildaw Posts: 49
    Cheers, took a while to get there, the stem was the icing on the cake, bargain from CRC.

    Just wish you could get a matching seatpost or seatpost clamp.. but perhaps that is getting a bit censored :D
  • buzz1buzz1 Posts: 374
    phildaw wrote:
    Just wish you could get a matching seatpost or seatpost clamp.. but perhaps that is getting a bit censored :D

    If that's being censored , I'm the king of censored (that didn't sound right), I've just replaced a brand new FSA SLK carbon seatpost with a similar one to match the carbon weave on my bars!!
  • getonyourbikegetonyourbike Posts: 2,804
    buzz1 wrote:
    I'm the king of censored (that didn't sound right)
    :lol: brilliant :lol:

    The mmmbop's looking good matey, I really like them
  • How you getting on with the stem? I've got the 80mm All Mountain version on my giant and think it looks awesome. The rest of the bike looks darn good too. However, the bashguard will probably look dodgy once it gets full of dust but hey, if it works...
    Big guy; small air!
  • hucking_fellhucking_fell Posts: 1,056
    edited June 2011
    If I were being censored I'd say turn the Bashring through 90 degrees so that the thinner part is behind the crankarm.

    But I'm not being censored .

    That's one of the smartest mmmbops I've seen 8)
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  • What you on about? About 99% of people on this forum are going to be super-censored . We're bike pimpers...

    And I agree that it's a good-looking bike. Not too blingy, not too little :D
    Big guy; small air!
  • phildawphildaw Posts: 49
    :D matching weave!! I don't feel quite so bad now.

    I did wonder about that bashguard and how it will age, but it was only £15 from CRC and I wanted to give a twin ring set up a go. It has 4 indented sections, which doesnt come across in the pics, but rotating it is a good idea as it would hide one of the red SUNLINE logos, which doesn't coordinate with anything else on the bike.

    I really love the stem, love it.. not sure if it is any different to any other 50mm stem (which seems to fit the frame perfectly), but the looks of the thing, and it is beautifully made, thats enough for me.

    I did weight up the AM version, but the DH one was cheapest and in stock, a well thought out decision :D

    Thanks for the comments.
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