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hi guys been an avid reader for about mmmmmm two weeks now :D andi have got to say its the best website/forum i have been reading for info and advice, so thanks.

im 32 years old and since i was young i have always been into bikes, i started off with a BMX then as i got older i got into skateboarding and a bit of mountain biking but just to get to work and back etc just the usual.
But now i want to get right back into do something crazy and fun and mountain biking is what im going to do.

i have been reading up on a lot of things bike wise and with only a minimal budget its been hard but i have see two that i like, first one is the GT AVALANCHE 3.0 and also the DIAMONBACK AXIS 2010, both are just under £500.00
i get paid on friday and im putting my deposit down and will have them paid off by august(money is seriously tight due to holiday funds) are these bikes a good starting point?

when i get it i will be mostly using delemere as it's really close to where i live also north wales. would be nice to meet a few people and go see what i have been missing out on for years.

cheers for any info people.


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    The bikes you suggest are ok for the money, but there are better out there. But I guess you are limited by finanace options.

    What shop are you at? Do they have a website?
  • its a small family run shop called "john geddes" in widnes and they dont have a website, the guy who i was talking to this morning is really clued up and recommended the diamondback due to the higher spec, with its lock out feature and the rockshox.

    but the GT just looked so much better and with money been a bit of an issue i think im going for the GT, then when in january when i can access my work benefits i will go through halfords and get another on haha.
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    Having a look at the Axis though it's RRP is £1300! It is way better specced than the GT.
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    I feel kinda bad offering advice that would take you away from an LBS. But being a stingy bugger, I am generally compelled to offer suggestions for good deals.

    So I present to you the top of the range Avalanche within your budget. I've had one before (an older model) and thoroughly enjoyed it. It's a crackin' good entry mountain bike.
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    supersonic wrote:
    Having a look at the Axis though it's RRP is £1300! It is way better specced than the GT.

    I defer to this :shock:
    Very surprised when I saw the spec. Of the three linked in this thread the Axis is the best kitted out.

    (edit - made no sense first time round)
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    m8 of mine went down the "easy" downhill in cwm on a GT AVALANCHE 3.0. so not a bad bike :lol:
  • just a little update on this, the diamondback axis did not come in and there is a delay on them so he doesnt know when they are coming in. So rather than walking out of the shop knowing i would probably spend my deposit on something else i had a spin on the avalanche 3.0 2011 and loved it, so thats what i ve got.

    i managed to get it down a bit on the price aswell im paying £380.00 for it so looking around i feel ive got it for a good price. i go on my hols in a couple of weeks then when i get back i will pick it up and start tearing it up.

    i have fridays off work and with my kids in school i will have pretty much all day to go and ride. The idea is to go delemere a few times for a run and get a feel for the bike then go llandegla/ coed-y-brenin obviously not in the same day. my dad lives on anglsey so i can always pop in for a brew :) when i go wales BONUS.

    thanks for your help guys.