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Plantar fasciitis

fallingofffallingoff Posts: 332
Anybody else suffer from this and could it be bike related... :?:


  • JimmerGJimmerG Posts: 143
    Yes - I have...

    blimmin' painfull too - especially first thing in the morning. But I don't think mine was bike related... I was cycling to work everyday about 10 miles round trip. I was working as a delivery driver in a 7.5 tonne truck. I was repeatedly jumping out of the cab onto the ground - I think this is what caused the problem.

    When I stopped working there my foot healed.... but of course this may have because I stopped jumpiong out of trucks, or because the 10 mile commute stopped.

    So there we have it - not a very helpful answer I'm afraid...!

    But I share your pain - not fun at all

  • Liam1611Liam1611 Posts: 191
    I suffered with it for a while, it turned out to be caused by several things, use thicker soled shoes when riding and try changing the riding position on your bike. I had this problem for several months, went to the doctors who gave me a cortisone injection in my foot which worked for several months but sure it enough it came back. I changed my bike and started wearing thicker soled shoes and it hasn't come back since. It's caused by tightening of the Plantar and Achilles Tendons, you can try stretching them by standing on the stairs with your heels facing away from the stairs and stretch your tendon in the bottom of your leg. For more info look here
    Hope this helps.


  • mattyg2004mattyg2004 Posts: 196
    I bought a pair of FITFLOPS ... /freewaym/ for around the house. I got it from playing golf. Drive for a living then out of the blue started walking 6 miles round a course.

    It is niknamed coppers foot or posties heal. due to walking. I found riding the bike helped stretch it.

    I rested it for a few weeks then every morning I stretch it on the top step. By doing heel drops Opposite to calf raises.
  • fallingofffallingoff Posts: 332
    Cheers all,I think mine is also job related,12 hour shifts,up and down stairs and jumping off of conveyors 2 foot down to concrete floors.
    I went to see the doctor hoping to get a refferal for my work medisure but she gave me some ideas to try first,which included Ipobrufen 400's.
    A friend of mine at work an ex-comonwealth gamer suggested rolling a tennis ball underfoot,it seems to work and the after pain is not as long lasting as it was.
    It is horrible so I'm willing to try all suggestions......... :D
  • griffstersgriffsters Posts: 490
    I suffered from this when running.

    I bought some Scholl Orthaheel flipflops, they give great arch support. i wore them from the moment i got out of bed in the morning and always (still) whilst in the house. First thing in the morning is often critical as you can immediately undo any healing that has occurred during the night. Very gently stretch your foot before putting weight on it - there are socks you can buy that keep your PF slightly stretched during the night to try and prevent this issue and promote healing.

    It took a while to settle. I massaged my foot regularly - had a bottle of baby oil handy when watching the TV :D . The tennis ball is good for massage or I used an old small water bottle filled with water and frozen - then rolled under the foot.

    I dont think this is something particularly attributed to cycling, quite common amongst runners tho.
  • fallingofffallingoff Posts: 332
    Great,what can I say... :shock:
    I've done a few of the exercises you suggested,I bought some Brashers footbeds and the pain has all but been eliminated..and too think how long I'd been suffering.
    I'll keep up the exercises of course...but I'am amazed how quickly it has subsided??? :D
  • captainflycaptainfly Posts: 1,001
    I got it from freerunning (sand dunes not urban) BUT only after my insoles (noene carbon fibre ones) wore out, I found that the best insoles fo help it heal were the D3D ones with the really sculped footbed , no problems now, it seems to be a lack of arch support that does if to me.
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