Mabie Forest June 18th

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Im going to be up Mabie this saturday and the girlfriend is have a lesson, so im going to ride the trails, i just wondered if there might be anyone there to accompany me, i dont like riding alone (safety wise), im an experienced rider but i dont do ups at speed. The other halfs lesson starts at 1pm so im gonna set off around, then.



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    i dont like riding alone (safety wise)
    If you are an experienced rider Mabie should not present you with any problems, just follow the red arrows on the blue posts. You are never more than 1/2hr from the Cafe. Print a map off before leving home, there are none left till a new one is designed and printed.
    Unfortunately I have to attend a birthday lunch in Carlisle.
    If your other halves lesson is with Clive you could give him a call and ask him if any of his mates could accompany you
    If you PMed me your e-mail addy I could copy it around my mates(who do not use forums btw), maybe someone is free.