Felt Z85

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Looking around for a new bike to get fit on (put on loads of weight this past year). I've had hybrids in the past, but my new commute is a few miles down a flat but very windy gorge, so I was planning on moving to a lighter, narrower road bike with drops.

LBS has a 2010 Felt Z85 going for £750. Not a huge saving over last years price, but it's still £150 less than the current model.

Now I actually prefer the look of the older model - the silver hardwear looks better than the black, and the decals are much nicer. Comes with cross brakes installed already, too, which is a plus.

So my question is, even though I prefer the look of the old model, are the upgrades on the new model (mainly going to 105) really worth it? Would I really notice much difference in performance or maintenence?