Summer mitts

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Current pair smell so bad I can barely wear them, and that's after a wash.
Time for a new pair.
Recommended the Prendas but they are out of stock of medium that I'd need.
Anyone bought any recently they can post a link to and are in stock?
Budget £30 max.


  • Aggieboy
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    These, can't fault them.
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  • Omar Little
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    Specialized BG Gel ones are the comfiest i've had, think they are about £25 for the mitt version
  • nferrar
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    Yeah if you like a lot of padding then it's hard to fault the Spesh BG gel mitts
  • P_Tucker
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    In summer, assuming one is not racing, then MITTLESS is the Euro way to go.
  • TMR
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    Why do people insist on using 'Spesh' to describe Specialized? It looks crap and lazy.

  • cubicboy
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    The Specialized BG mitts are very comfy. I replaced my last pair but took them back as the little circular vents had an annoying sharpness where they had been punched through... probably easily remedied, but not acceptable on a £25 pair of mitts. All of the others (BGs) on the shelves were the same. I bought the top of the line Gore ones instead: they are the best that I have ever had... a wallet-busting £35 though.
    I will probably go back and get another pair of the BGs and use them for my daily commute, and have to take a scalpel to the sharp bits.
  • derosa
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    Great mitts - At the price they're a steal.

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