The tortoise....can go the distance but I'm slow!!!



  • CharlieH
    CharlieH Posts: 410
    I feel your pain! I've been mountain biking since 2003 but I'm still one of the slowest people up hills I've ever known. I've picked myself a shortish route near home with some big hills and I've started plotting the same ride on my phone using a biking app. This way i will hopefully see the times getting shorter over time (I hope)
  • Ian43
    Ian43 Posts: 172
    I used to hate hills but since improving my technique I do not mind them any more, my top tips which worked for me but may not for everyone.

    1. Move up onto the horn of the saddle and lean into the hill on very steep hills this puts the weight over the front of the bike.

    2. Tuck the elbows in as you lean forward.

    3. Drop the heels while coming over the top of the pedal revolution and raise them again as you come back around for the up stroke, imagine you are winching yourself up the hill on an imaginary rope around the cranks almost.

    One more I use occasionally on very loose shingle hills where you struggle to get grip is as you push down say with your left pedal pull up on the left grip slightly and vice versa as you pedal, this drives the back wheel into the ground and gives loads more grip.

    These few techniques improved my hill climbing greatly.