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Cube Ltd Team

grubbygrubby Posts: 214
edited July 2011 in Your mountain bikes
My new Cube Ltd Team.
Standard spec with Bar ends and spd's.



  • tbikeradartbikeradar Posts: 129
    why is your bike called Albert?
  • aidsoaidso Posts: 493
    That's a sexy bike although im not sold on the white bull-horns. She's a beauty, health to ride :)
  • xand_xandxand_xand Posts: 320
    Hey - just picked up (friday 10.06.011) - Cube Ltd Race in annodised black!

    Hope you enjoy it like i do chap
    MY CUBE ... t=12785430

    Cube ltd race 2011.....enjoying the grt outdoors no matter the weather (except snow I just can't move in the snow)!
  • GatchamanGatchaman Posts: 35
    I'm considering one of these grubby. Any thoughts? What bike did you have before? Cheers.
  • grubbygrubby Posts: 214
    Being honest I haven't been out on it yet! Went for this as it was good value and under the £1000 bikes to work. I had a 2010 ltd race before and that was a great bike. I wanted to go for the boardman but my scheme didn't do halfords. If you go get the boardman I'll swap you! :lol:
  • GatchamanGatchaman Posts: 35
    grubby wrote:
    If you go get the boardman I'll swap you! :lol:


    It's all getting a little confusing for me at the moment mainly due to not being able to get out and sit on a few bikes. My mates just bought a Cube Ltd Race which I've had a go on but need to find somewhere to try the other bikes on my list to compare.
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