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New Camber Expert

cameraukcamerauk Posts: 998
edited June 2011 in Your mountain bikes
Here is my new specialized Camber Expert
spec is standard apart from SPD's and Crud catcher not sure if I should leave it on or take it off, just put it on to protect the cables/frame
it's my first Full Suss and rides like a dream so smooth :D
what do you think of her

Specialized Camber Expert
Specialized Allez Sport


  • ''Take it off'', you don't need a crudcatcher for anything other than nasty winter weather.
  • Posts: 463
    I felt this way about the opne on my Orange P7, you see the way i look at it is if you are not lucky enough to have a pair of taylor made bolts put there for the crud catcher and are relegated to having to use the O rings (which imo are unsightly) then take it off but it actually looks ok when fitted via the bolts as it sits with a flush look.

    its only my opinion for what its worth, the bike i have to agree looks lush, i do love speciallized colour scheme there is one of those very models in the colour scheme with matching stem cap and lock rings on the grips. Simple detail like this make their bikes look fab

    Very nice ride loving it!!
  • cameraukcamerauk Posts: 998
    cheers I have fitted the crudcatcher on the bolts that hold the cables to the frame
    I may remove it and just fit it back in the deepest winter months

    I have only been out on it a couple of times as work is getting in the way this weekend :x
    still hope to give it a proper test on Wednesday
    Specialized Camber Expert
    Specialized Allez Sport
  • timpoptimpop Posts: 394
    Very nice. I'd keep the crud catcher as it's a good way to protect your frame from flinging rocks too.
    Many happy trails!
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