My head's about to explode with wheel choice

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I know this has come up time and time again but I cannot for the life of me decide what to do.
I'm around 11stone, and I have recently started racing crits and rr approximately one every 2 weeks.
I currently have a set of mavic cxp 22's on my giant tcr and I'd like to upgrade.
If I'm honest I don't have a huge budget, I could go up to £200 (but I'm easily convinced persuaded!)
Is it even worth upgrading as my budget doesn't go that high?
Is there a big danger involved in buying second hand?
Does anyone have and recommendations?

I was looking at the Mavic Aksiums or possibly a set of RS-30's.
Any advice would be appreciated


  • maddog 2
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    Spend £315 on some RS80s
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  • DRL.1975
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    Had the same problem.

    Have you thought about Planet X Model "B's"? I have decided on these myself and will be ordering them when they come back into stock, black Shimano expected 28/06/2011.

    From what I hear and have researched, you can't get much better for the money! I was looked at 2011 Fulcrum Racing "7" and 2011 Mavic Aksiums, but both were heavier and the Aksiums more money.
  • markos1963
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    Tbh for racing at your level I would use the money for better tyres and save the rest for any crash repairs you might get. Crits can be a bit of a crashers paradise.
  • RedJohn
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    Worth considering some handbuilt wheels - decent mid-range hubs like Shimano 105 (around £70 for a pair), lightweight but strong rims like Mavic Open Pro (around £40 each) 64 d/b spokes like Sapim Race 50p each = £32. Build charge of say £25, unless you feel up to doing it yourself (not that hard, you just need patience). Total, say, £203, and that lot'd be under 1700g.
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    Get some cheaper Shimanos and just ride, don't worry about it!
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  • Monty Dog
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    For crits you want something stiff and strong - I'd go for handbuilts with a semi-aero rim like an IRD Cadence Aero from someone like
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