Are Boardman Womens(Large) suitable for Mens?

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Hi all,

I am considering buying a the womens Boardman 2010 road bike (Large) as the price and specification look prettygood compared to 2011 line.
I am a guy about 175cm tall. Inner leg measurement about 80 cm.

Do you think it would fit me?

I mean...does it really matter between mens/womens road bike?
most of the components are unisex anyway...just that the frame size might differ a little bit...
If it fits, why not?

Would be great to hear some of your thoughts.



  • Flamez
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    My male friend rides a wiliers female bike , faster than me too, nobody knows.

    Just steer away from pink lol...
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  • Bar Shaker
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    The bars are narrower and some have Lego ally shorter cranks but the bikes are quite pink. I would have to repaint it.
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  • typically the female bikes have a shorter top tube essentially so if you would normally fit a gents medium then a large ladies should be ok. if you find that whilst riding a 'gents' bike you get lower back and in between the shoulder pains then maybe a ladies specific frame could help
  • savisrich
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    yeah...the color and the width of the handlebars are my biggest concern...

    the 2011 boardman line seems to be about £200-£300 more expensive than the 2010 line (to get the equivalent components)... you all think its a good idea to get halfords to buuild the bike for you?
    I have heard that they aren't really good/know what they're doing at halfords....