Can't decide what to sell . . .

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I have a Specialized Allez Elite 2007 model (105 groupset).

Love the bike, but decided recently to look at upgrades and got some new wheels.

This lead me onto the idea of going the whole way and getting a new Carbon bike.

Not having the money to do this, I have just bought a second hand frame (complete with forks, headset, stem, seatpost & saddle.

Now do I swop the components and sell my Allez frame & possibly the old wheels, or do I buy a new groupset and hope the sale of the whole bike covers the majority of the costs of the frame and groupset?
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    If you can't afford two bikes then swap the best bits onto the carbon frame, buy some new bits as required then sell all the parts you don't need.

    You'll always get more income selling stuff as individual parts, as the market is bigger.
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