Carrera Podium

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Just came back form Italy and spoke to the Product Manager of Carrera Podium bikes. Top end bikes, their Erakle model looked amazing. With great winners like Pantani, Visentini, Chiappucci and Roche you can see why. The guy told me that he couldn't sell Carrera's in the UK anymore because of copyright problems with Carrera bikes from Halfords!!!

Why a joke, he laughed. It's a real pity, you never see a Carrera on the road in the UK not for last 10-15 years at least anyway, I haven't....real shame, if you want one you can order directly and they will ship to you from Italy. The Erakle was €3,000 for frameset. They say their best all rounder. The very are popular in Italy.


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    If you look on the Peleton magazine website there is a 20min video of Carrera,Vittoria,Wililier,Bianchi at the factory`s . always liked the Carrera bikes too. As if folk are daft enough to buy the british carrera eh :D
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    Loved the look of the Carrera bikes Michele Bartoli rode whenhe was with Assics - late '90s ?