Wheel choice for a wheel numpty

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Looking at new wheels and with the sales I can find on line it seems that RS30s, Fulcrum 5s and Mavic Aksium are all within my range.

The descriptions are all understandable but I am not sure which would suit me as a 3 year cyclist, 80-85kg on a Ribble Gran Fondo. Typically 50-70 mile countryside routes with a mix of good and really crap roads.


  • rc856
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    What is your budget and what wheels do you have at the moment mate?
  • navrig
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    Budget is as much as I can get away with without SWMBO noticing so probably £200ish.

    Current wheels are Pro-Lite Cromo (basics which came with the GF) but the rear wheel is with Ribble after the hub "failed". Ribble will replace but not allow me to upgrade so I am thinking it is time to get lighter wheels with sealed bearings (bearings washed out on the Pro-Lites).
  • centimani
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    Its difficult to know which way to go navrig, i know, i was there 2 months ago. I didnt know whether to go for Eastons, Fulcrums, handbuilds or Mavics. Which are best value, which are fastest, which are strongest etc etc etcI did the homework by looking at online reviews. It seemed to me that eastons and mavics were prone to spoke breakages, handbuild were more expensive so i opted for Fulcrum 5s.
    The spoke breakage issue may not have even related to the particular year wheel i was looking at, but it just seemed to me that fulcrums had the better write ups.
    So, Fulcrums, i found them a little (actually quite a lot) stiff in the bearings, they didnt spin very well and when riding, it seemed a bit laboured. This may well be a trait of many new wheels, they may take time to free up.
    Anyway, upturn the bike, spin the wheel with upgraded bearings by hand WOW...the difference was spectacular, they just spin and spin. No doubt given time, the original bearings would free up and be as fast.
    Ive done about 700 miles on mine, no issues whatsoever. I weigh 10.5 stone BTW (less than 70 kios) so i'm lightweight and easy on wheels no doubt.