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Daily Deal...

So what is it then?

Are they actually going to be cheaper products than anywhere else or are you just going to be firing "deals" you find on the net and then pick up commission from us clicking the links/buying through the links?

Sounds like a scam to get email addresses and make some easy money tbh... any more details?


  • jamescwjamescw Posts: 87
    Sorry for the delay responding - we're still finalising details of the scheme. Here's a response from the organisers:

    "The daily deals powered by BikeRadar will be genuine, deeply-discounted deals from big name brands well known within the cycling community. This is the "real deal", so to speak – no scams here. Each deal will be vetted by the publishers of BikeRadar who are setting a high-standard for deal selection. The minimum deal discount will be 50 percent off the retail price of the product, service or event. The deals will be geared toward cycling enthusiasts so they'll be highly relevant and attractive to many cyclists looking for substantial savings... and they're coming your way very soon."
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