chainring differences

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I currently have a GT ZUM S2 with a triple Suntour XCCT chainset with the following front chainring 28 38 48.

I am looking at purchasing a Specialized Allez triple with the Shimano 2300 and chainring 52 42 30T.

Will I notice a difference in the chainring?
I am finding that when I get up to using the hightest gear on the flat I find that I need more gears and my top speed is hindered.

So looking forward to getting on a road bike!!!



  • MountainMonster
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    You will notice a bit of a difference, yeah!

    Climbing will also become just a little bit harder because of the larger small chainring, but should be easily do-able with decent fitness. I ride 53-39, and only the steepest of hills prove problems for me, and i'm a medium strength rider at best!
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    Thanks for your help! :D
    Can't wait to give it a try to see how different it is!
    Smaller gears dont seem to be much of a problem at the mo as I tend not to use them on my hybrid on the hills so am now wondering if I really need a tripple!

    Problem with road cycling.........I am totally hooked (not that that is a problem!)...........and passionate about it and now I am trying to find a suitable road bike am finding that there are SO many to choose from with differnent benefits all over!!!

    One thing I will remember is that I was told that a road bike needs be a part of your body! So comfort is real important!