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Cycle Speedway

Would this be of interest to the team?

On Monday night Sheffield Cycle Speedway produced a video of their introductory training sessions.

I’m hoping this will go part way towards encouraging some new talent and more cross discipline competition.

For those who aren’t in the know cycle speedway is a full contact, flat out sprint discipline that requires tremendous balance and high speed agility on a bike. It’s raced in several formats (team, individual and pairs) and based on an easy to understand points scoring system.

Would be interesting to find out what everybody thinks of the sport as so far promotion has fallen way behind other disciplines, arguably thanks to some questionable management. ... ideo_title


  • WooliferkinsWooliferkins Posts: 2,060
    Went to watch this for the first time this summer at Horsepath in Oxford. What a fab afternoon quick exciting sport still with a bit of contact. Friendly crowd for the newbies can't fault it. It could be televisual, it's fast, explosive and fun. If they can get Kabaddi on C4 for a couple of years and show 1970s wrestling on cable then why not?
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  • noj121noj121 Posts: 58
    This is creepy I just came on here to ask why no one ever talks about cycle speedway.
    And BAM there it is and not only that but the club I go to :)
    Weird or what?
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  • cruisersicruisersi Posts: 7
    There will be a lot more cycle speedway soon.... Starting with some more videos.
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