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In the past week I've started to get some slip in the top gear on the first ring - the same gear on the top ring is fine.

Had a look on youtube last night re. making adjustments, made a little change on the rear deralier before heading out last night and I managed to make it worse (so much that I didn't use that cog at all).

I'm a total bike maintenace noob. Is their a certain skill to this or do I just need to carry on playing until I find the 'sweet spot' - I'm a little wary of affecting the rest of the gears?!?!

Any ideas/advice?


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    if it's slipping then your chain/cassette could be worn and therefore nothing to do with mech setup at all.

    If it is slipping due to mech alignment then the adjustment screw will change this:

    - anticlockwise equals more cable tension equals jockeys nearer the wheel
    - clockwise equals less cable tension equals jockeys further from the wheel

    set the limits screw so that the mech can't go into the spokes under any circumstances.

    Everything else should be fairly obvious :wink: -e.g. if the adjuster is fully out and you need more tension then pull some cable through the pinch bolt, and so on.
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    Shouldn't be worn as it was new in Feb and only put on 1k miles so far.

    Think I need to have a proper play.