Best bike for long distance?

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I've started another thread on a specific bike, so apologies if this is a bit similar. Doing a London to Paris charity ride in September, and looking to upgrade. i have a maximum budget of about £1900.

In your opinion whats the best bike I could get in terms of ride comfort, with good components, without sacrificing too much speed?

Any suggestions will be most appreciated!


  • father_jack
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    Fast tourer? Almost as quick as a road bike, more suitable for bad weather, loading up with food and water, longer wheelbase
    Say... That's a nice bike..
    Trax T700 with Lew Racing Pro VT-1 ;-)
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    Roubaix or sportive bike (see this months Cycling Plus for a good review of these).

    I believe this is a fully supported ride, so you shouldn't need to carry anything.

    A few others on this forum are doing that ride.
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    With that budget and for that type of riding I'd probably go Ti. eg. ... e_Titanium
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    Get the very best second hand bike for say up to £500 and then give the rest to charity.

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    cyco2 wrote:
    Get the very best second hand bike for say up to £500 and then give the rest to charity.

    What a daft suggestion.

    We all know the real answer if spend all the cash you have, and if that's not enough consider selling a kidney / offspring / wedding ring to fund an even better bike.
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    Hi everyone, this is my first post, though been reading the forum for long time.

    I would recommend Surly - Crosscheck. Steel body bomb proof, once you're done with the tour, put slick tyres on and you have great road machine.
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    Worth considering this? ... 0s143p2371

    Cheaper than the Yukon by quite a bit, especially if you like the look of SRAM Apex.
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    A road bike that fits will be ideal. No point in lugging the extra weight of a touring bike all that way for no reason (unless of course you want to use the bike for touring after you've done this).

    Your budget will get you something very nice with at least Shimano Ultegra or SRAM Force groupset.
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    1800 on the bike after 100 quid on a fit with Adrian Timmis at